By Ronnie

This band definitely has the "sex" factor in its favor. With the deluge of female-fronted bands out there now, it is very refreshing to see a female singer that is not afraid to flaunt her sexuality. Gwen Stefani has got nothing on Jen! But....Jeniphoria actually has the talent to get past the image! Jen has a very soulful voice, which ranges from ballads to straightforward rock. I talked to Jen about the goals of the band and what exactly is "Jeniphoria"?

E.C.: A lot of your stuff reminds me of a singer I heard in the 1990's called Sass Jordan. She had a real gutsy approach to rock 'n roll that is very similar to what Jeniphoria is doing. Have you heard of her? I guess my main question is.... what artists inspired YOU?

Jen: I have not heard of Sass. My influences are Liz Phair, Janes Addiction, Joni Mitchell, Cake, Janis Joplin, Sinead O'Connor, Belly, Hole, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Buffet , The Pixies, Tracie Bonham, Sonic Youth etc. I could go on for days. I don't think any one band or person influenced me as much as my own life has. Most of my songs started out as poems that related to a moment in my life, be it good or bad. Like a form of therapy for the soul. I began putting the poems to guitar as I learned new chords. They came out with their own melodies according to how those words made me feel. My true influence is my Brother Greg, who played guitar at a young age. He passed in 1986 in a car accident leaving his guitar behind for me to discover who he was and what my purpose would be.

E.C.: So are you the main songwriter? Or is it a group effort?

Jen: Yes, I have written all of the music and lyrics but the guys add their own sound and style. Like I said, without them it doesn't quite sound the same. I use sonic (acid) to lay the main idea down and bring it to them on CD. We have one song that we made up at practice after a few beers (Liberty) and it rocks. We plan to do that more often.

E.C.: It refreshing to see a band bring sex appeal to the forefront again. Do the other band members resent that you are the focal point of the show? It is a real bone of contention with a lot of bands (prime example being NO DOUBT). How do you see "sex" fitting in with the image of a rock 'n roll band? Should it be a vital part?

Jen: Jeniphoria is a team with a common goal. And like any team would do we discuss issues as a whole. If the shoe fits a certain member of Jeniphoria then so be it. None of us are better than the other and realize without each other we are merely musicians looking for a job. This is a time when SEX sells, yet that is not what we are selling. If that is how Jeniphoria is perceived to some then we have done our job without confusing those who see Jeniphoria as an art form without rules or guild lines. I am in it for the love of music, yet I'll accept how I am viewed if that is the fans choice. What is vital is the music but if you walk away feeling euphoric that's cool too.

E.C.: I was just curious since the band has YOUR name in its title. It's just natural that the focus would be on you. With that in mind, who came up with the band name and what do you want it to mean?

Jen: I want the name to mean freedom to be who you are and to live life to the fullest your way. My way of being Jeniphoria is jen+euphoria= Jeniphoria. Anyone's name will work. See Ronniephoria, etc. I've had a full life and my first marriage inspired the name. My then-husband could not decide if he would rather be with Jen or feel euphoria and asked me why can't there be a Jeniphoria. The name suck with me, the marriage didn't. Seven years of hell but the name was worth it.

E.C.: How does Jeniphoria fit in with what is happening in music today?

Jen: No rules No guild lines.

E.C.: Let me rephrase would the BAND like it to fit in? What is success to the band?

Jen: To be in your home! Helping others to find peace within themselves as well as make Jeniphoria a household name.

E.C.: Your press bio lists the many venues that Jeniphoria has played live. When will you branch out to get more exposure to your music? I'm talking about the mini-tours, etc.

Jen: We are finalizing detail such as management and booking but have every intention of touring very soon. Our first step is to finish our CD, which has been push here and there due to time issues and day jobs.

E.C.: Also, your press bio said that the group has been together 7 years. Why hasn't there been a full-length CD yet? After hearing your 4-song EP, I think the band is definitely ready!

Jen: Jeniphoria has been around for 9 years and over that time band members have changed for various reasons. I don't think Jeniphoria was ready for the next step until recently. The four for us have been together for a year and I had surgery 3 times this past year. That would be most for our hold up, my physical problems; not to mention we live 2 hours from Mike (Drummer) and 1 hour from Bruce (bass & Keys). These are all things we have worked through together and have finally lock into our groove. We are working with APC Studios in Atlanta on a full length CD, which should begin in 4 weeks. Then we will be ready for a tour and rockin roll.

E.C.: What is the expected release date for the CD? Will you guys put it out yourselves, or do you have any kind of deal with an indie label?

Jen: I am meeting with Sal Nappo(President) and Ron Christopher (Producer) tomorrow at APC studios to discuss our plans. They have distribution through Blockbuster and plan to start their own label.

E.C.: Finally, what is the next step for Jeniphoria?

Jen: Our next step is up to the fans. Let's see where they take us.

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